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Recycled Rubber

Components Manufacturer

in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

We purchase a high amount of rubber to recycle.

Recycling Rubber with No Waste in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Global Rubber Purchaser
& Processor

VS Rubber is a global purchaser of rubber. We process and clean rubber, and offer rubber buffing, whole tire crumb, and tire inner tubes. We started our business in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in 2008 and have been serving all of North America since then.


Recycled Rubber

We utilize a patented VS Rubber process to clean and prepare recycled rubber components. The components are ideal for use in any number of high-end recycled rubber products and applications.

  • Sports flooring surfaces

  • Running tracks

  • Playground and gardening mulch

  • Sound-proofing systems

  • Rubber reclaim and reuse

VS Rubber is consistently searching for new sources of raw rubber materials.



VS Rubber is always on the lookout for recycled rubber suppliers selling unscreened, all-black tread buffings, whole tire crumb, and tubes.

Our Process

Our Process

VS Rubber cleans and processes several products in many sizes, ideal for different applications. Cleaned and processed rubber tire/tread buffings available in fine, medium, and large quantities.

Our Products

Our Products

VS Rubber offers a unique line of extremely clean, ready-for- manufacturing, recycled rubber products in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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