Who Is VS Rubber and What Do We Do?

VS Rubber Is An Environmentally Friendly Rubber Processing And Recycling Facility In Lebanon, Pennsylvania

We are a global purchaser and processor of rubber buffings, whole tire crumb and tire inner tubes. We recycle, clean and process these materials into a variety of products with nearly zero waste.

All final products are 99.99% free of errant materials such as stones, metal or fibers which are frequently found in recycled materials made from tires. VS Rubber was founded in Venlo, Netherlands in 1947 (formerly known as Jakobs Rubber Recycling) and expanded operations to the United States in 2008.


Meet the Team: Hans van Someren: "The Captain" - Owner/CEO

A businessman through and through, who has spent his whole career immersed in the rubber industry. He sees opportunity and has the courage to grab it. His reach is so long that it has spanned the "big pond" from the Netherlands to America! Down to earth and loyal to the core are two of his great traits which are key, especially when you are Chairman of a traditional Dutch Civil Guard that was founded in 1313. He has raised two sons that follow in his footsteps and help lead the company forward and his grandchildren are the light of his life. He's the Boss, Dad and Pop, everyone wishes they had and that's what makes this company so great.

Meet the Team: Robert van Someren - Owner/Operational Manager

If you want to know anything or everything about the rubber refining process, Robert's your guy. He grew up right along-side the production plant and knows every nut, bolt, lever, adjustment and program available. He is a production guru! He is loved around the shop and maybe it is simply because of that "you're doing a great job" smile but he always makes you feel like you're valued.
His quick thinking and calculating brain translated well into making him a top tennis player in Southeast Netherlands. He is a world explorer alongside his wife and their pup and when he finds time where most would relax, he does just the opposite and fills his day with his love of racing, especially motocross. He is always on the go and moving forward and this has made him a key asset to all our successes.

Meet the Team: Christian van Someren - Owner/Commercial Manager

He is a carbon copy of his father Hans and directs the commercial side of business. His honesty and respect continually earn him loyalty from clients. He takes pride in solidifying long-term relationships and collaborations. His motto "Together We Can Achieve Everything" is echoed throughout the company halls, reminding us that working side by side with each other is how we, as a collective, will prosper most.
He loves traveling to the United States and experiencing everything we have to offer, including "the best chicken wings on earth"! Whether he is watching it on TV or out on the track himself he is an all around motocross fan. All summed up, he is a man you enjoy doing business with and a friend you like by your side.

Meet the Team: Jason Kratzer - Vice President North America

Jason is our North American in-house expert on business strategy and plant production. He is always analyzing our processes to increase quality, quantity and performance. His different way of seeing things leads to new ideas that are always improving what we thought was already perfect. He is the oil to our business engine, keeping everything running smooth.
When he is outside our walls, you will most likely find him transporting his competitive gymnast to her next meet or his Harrisburg Harp Orchestra daughter to another symphony. He is always on the go. He is our avid outdoorsman and nature guide. Building cabinets, being a handyman, hunting, fishing, camping and everything outdoors are just a few of his many talents. When he finally gets the chance to sit back and relax, it is spent rooting on his life-long favorite baseball team, the Phillies. All around if there is something to do, he will most likely be out there doing it.

Meet the Team: Elizabeth Clark - Controller

Elizabeth is our "go to" person for everything office related. Whether it is payroll, logistics, accounting, customer connection or programming your new computer; she will have your answer. After every "Hey Elizabeth?", you already know your answer is ready and waiting.
She is also our "travel advisor". If you are headed somewhere, she has probably been there or will most likely be there soon! She has been all over the world and is always planning to be wherever that next somewhere spectacular is.