Complete Screening & Cleaning of Rubber

What We Do

VS Rubber cleans and processes rubber products into many sizes for use in multiple applications. Cleaned and processed rubber tire/tread buffings are available in fine, medium and large sizes. If you need a specific size or details about available sizes, please contact VS Rubber (HERE) for technical sizing information. All VS Rubber products are 99.99% pure once they have undergone the proprietary VS Rubber cleaning and preparation process.

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VS Rubber uses a patented process to remove contaminants from raw unprocessed rubber ensuring that the cleaned rubber is environmentally safe and ready for immediate use in manufacturing.


The process used at VS Rubber ensures all products are 99.99% pure rubber by removing waste materials such as metal, stones and errant fibers which are present in raw tread buffings, whole tire crumb or grind.

Final Product

VS Rubber's cleaning and screening process creates a final product achieving six sigma level purity and is ready for immediately use in production, with no additional screening or cleaning.